Newcastle Katabasis… (AO goes on the road)

Time for a little Antipodean Road trip!  A katabasis of sorts, in which I headed down the New England highway to Newcastle.  (Armidale is 3000 feet above sea level; Newcastle is at sea level.)  The occasion?  To meet with my co-conspirator on all things to do with classical reception in children’s literature, Marguerite Johnson, and her lovely students (including Erica Wright, whose piece on Mercy and Overwatch came out last week).   They’ll be talking about vampires and werewolves, witches, games, death, and more; and Marguerite will write a fuller post about it all.

Here’s a look at the program . . .


Screenshot 2017-10-26 21.23.50


Doesn’t it look good!


Classical Sightings

These days when I travel I keep an eye out for classical items that jump out.  This trip began with a metallic minotaur in Uralla, and ended with an ocean-going Caesar in the port of Newcastle. Not far away is a ‘waiterless cafe,’ rejoicing in the name of Hey Zeus…  And no labyrinth would be complete without mention of Jim Henson’s marvellous movie–on Hunter Street, the immortal Jareth makes his presence felt…

— Elizabeth Hale



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