Authors for Fireys

As you probably know, Australia is suffering from a horrific bushfire situation. It’s been building for some time, and will go on for some time yet. In the New England Tablelands, where Armidale and the University of New England are, the drought has bitten hard, though a little rain over Christmas has helped a bit. It all feels a bit bleak.

Until one hears of endeavours like this: the Authors for Fireys campaign, in which the warm-hearted community of children’s and young adult authors band together to raise money to help firefighters.

Authors for Fireys is a charity auction, in which authors offer works, experiences, and advice. It’s run through Twitter. Authors make their offer through Twitter. You reply to bid, and then when your bid is accepted, you send the appropriate money to the CFA, and the receipt to the author, who in turn makes arrangement for delivery of the relevant item/service. Great idea, and an imaginative way for the literary community to contribute.

I’m watching with admiration as authors and illustrators from around the world, but especially Australia, make offers, and will certainly be bidding. Thank you.

— Liz Hale

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