Our Mythical Milestone

A short post to say that the Our Mythical Childhood survey has had a major milestone!

Our Mythical Childhood Survey

There are now 1001 entries lodged in the survey. This means: 1001 works of literature, film, storytelling and other forms of popular culture, all inspired by mythology of the ancient world. It means works by nearly 300 researchers, gathering material by over 1110 creators, from over 38 countries.

It means works by people from all sorts of places, with all sorts of ideas and approaches: material that is aimed mostly for young readers; material that aims to give expression to their interests and concerns.

It means a great deal of effort and work on the part of the team–gathering material, writing and reviewing entries, checking, proofing–making sure that the survey is rigorously produced so it is as useful as possible.

I’m very proud to be part of this project: it is conducted with the goals of inclusivity and openness, intellectual and creative inquiry, and it’s expressive of the best kind of collaborative endeavour.

Have a look at the survey: there’s something there for everyone. And if your favourite work is not yet mentioned… be in touch–we need to know, and to share…

Liz Hale

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