Rabbiting on about Disney’s Alice, with Ink and Paint…

Last week, Anna Mik (‘Artes Liberales,’ University of Warsaw) and I had the pleasure of talking about Walt Disney’s 1951 adaptation with Daniel Lammin on his Ink and Paint podcast, which journeys through the classics of Disney Animation. Daniel is a fount of knowledge about all things Disney, and asked all sorts of questions to us about Alice–the Lewis Carroll original, and our ideas about it and the film.

Disney’s White Rabbit…

Being mythically oriented, we talked a bit about the Our Mythical Childhood project and our findings there, and about our different interests in the symbolism and contexts of Alice: film and original story. We had a great time, and could happily have chatted for even longer (the podcast is a whopping 1 hour 37 minutes). Like Alice, we lost sense of time, following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole of meaning, nonsense, and exploration. . .

So, if you’re interested in Alice, and want to hear a friendly (but rigorous, of course!) chat about the film, its origins, its reception, its style, and its contexts, click here: https://www.inkandpaint.com.au/episode-13-alice-in-wonderland

Thank you Daniel! And thank you Anna!

–Elizabeth Hale

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