Along the way I’ve been interviewing creators of work with classical themes.  I post them as blog posts, but gather them here as well.  Read on to find resources and all sorts of ideas about the excitement and challenge of writing classical material for young readers.


The Fall of Troy as Space Opera Graphic Novel: in which I interviewed Ash Hulme (Dunedin, New Zealand) about her graphic novel–a space opera about the Fall of Troy.

Writing Classical Fantasy: Phillip Simpson in which I interviewed Phillip Simpson (Auckland, New Zealand) about his delightful young adult novels that retell interesting aspects of classical myth and legend,

Illustrating the monomyth–Jerome’s Gift: Trent Denham in which I interviewed Trent Denham (Melbourne, Australia) about his epic quest picture book, Jerome’s Gift.

Learning Latin through Lego: Legonium in which I interviewed Anthony Gibbins (Sydney, Australia) about his innovative use of Lego to teach conversational Latin.

Adventuring with Aeneas: Julian Barr and The Way Home, in which I interviewed Julian Barr about his first epic novel for young readers drawing on the legend of Aeneas.

Championing Odysseus, part 1: an interview with Cath Mayo, in which Cath Mayo talks about her collaboration with David Hair in Athena’s Champion, the first in their Olympus Trilogy.