Mythical Authors wanted . . .

If you are interested to participate in gathering entries for the Australasian Wing of the Our Mythical Childhood project, read on . . .

Mythical authors wanted…

Through the Our Mythical Childhood project, Dr Elizabeth Hale is working on a database of world literature and culture for children and young adults inspired by Classical Antiquity.  Thus far, a team of researchers from the University of New England, and universities in Australia and New Zealand, have written 120+ entries on a wide range of texts from the Asia-Pacific, including novels, picture books, graphic novels, comics, tv series, and films.

Sample entries can be seen in the Our Mythical Childhood Survey of Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture Inspired by Classical Antiquity

Dr Hale is looking for researchers interested in this subject to contribute entries to the database. Entries relate to the cultural texts for children and young adults – in literature, audio-visual art, music and material culture.

Researchers wishing to participate in creation of the database should meet the following criteria:

  • academic experience in the field of cultural studies or literary studies; in case of students: achievements certified by publications, conference papers or activities in scholarly circles
  • knowledge of the language of the reported culture text
  • knowledge of the cultural situation of the region from which the text is quoted/ region of origin of the text
  • proficiency in English (entries should be in English).

For more information, contact Elizabeth Hale

Candidates will be asked to prepare a sample entry (according to the model we will send).

We reserve the right to choose proposals corresponding to the specifics of the project and database.

This information is also located on the UNE website here