‘Everybody loves being Romans’–Roman Day, with Peppa Pig

I’ve seen quite a few Peppa Pig episodes in company with my niece and nephews who used to be extremely into the show. They’re moving on, but that doesn’t mean it’s over for me, especially not when a delightful clip like this one comes my way (thanks to Anne Rogerson!)

Peppa and George are hanging out with Grandpa Pig, when Granny Pig comes home from role-playing as Romans with her friends. Plonking a pair of spare centurion helmets on the kids’ heads, she teaches them how to march around crying ‘veni vidi vici,’ and helps them make a mosaic in a mud-puddle. When George doesn’t want to have a bath to get the mud off him, Granny Pig reminds him that the Romans loved baths. Eventually it’s time to go home. ‘Tempus fugit,’ they say, and Grandpa Pig gives the kids crowns of leaves to signify that they’re emperors. ‘veni vidi vici,’ says George, and everyone rolls around laughing.

Peppa and George love being Romans.

Everybody loves being Romans.

Role-playing grannies, centurious, emperors, tempus fugit, veni vidi vici, mosaics, baths, helmets and laurel wreaths. What more does one need to know about being a Roman, especially from Peppa Pig? I can’t think of more. This is a great little introduction to the ancient world–gently done, and in such a way as to lead kids to want to know more.

–Elizabeth Hale

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